Giving To Charity

I joined Munhu in 2008 after meeting the founder Sipho Gumbo and after hearing her vision for the organization. I was inspired by Munhu’s simple model of helping one child at a time,  it’s pledge for using 100% of donations to help those in need, and it’s positive impact on the lives of orphaned children in Zimbabwe. For the complete story of my experience volunteering for Munhu please read my articles under the “Stories” tab.


Munhu, the name of our organization, means a person—a human being—in the local Shona language that is spoken by most people in Zimbabwe (over 75%). In Ndebele, the other major local language spoken in Zimbabwe, Munhu translates to umuntu.
Munhu/umuntu points to the Bantu people’s spirit of Ubuntu that Nelson Mandela not only embodied, but taught to

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Donations Disbursed to Munhu to Date

A portion of the sales from Lessons From My Grandmother will be donated to Munhu on a quarterly basis. The book will be available through online stores like Amazon by end of November 2017 and will be in bookstores by January 2018. The first quarterly donation to Munhu will be posted

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My Connection to Munhu Inc (

I’m donating a portion of sales for Lessons From My Grandmother to Munhu Inc, a non-profit organization that was was founded in 2004 by my friend Sipho Gumbo, and serves orphaned children in rural areas of Zimbabwe. Munhu is focused on providing opportunities for education to underprivileged students, a cause that is

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