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Munhu, the name of our organization, means a person—a human being—in the local Shona language that is spoken by most people in Zimbabwe (over 75%). In Ndebele, the other major local language spoken in Zimbabwe, Munhu translates to umuntu.

Munhu/umuntu points to the Bantu people’s spirit of Ubuntu that Nelson Mandela not only embodied, but taught to millions across the world through the example of how he lived his life.  Ubuntu is a concept that speaks to the essence of what it is to be a human being and to live one’s life in recognition and acknowledgement of the oneness of all humanity.


Ubuntu calls us to live our lives practicing generosity, hospitality, respect, friendliness, kindness, and compassion. Most African languages have one or more sayings that capture this spirit. In Shona we say munhu munhu nekuda kwevanhu and in Zulu it is umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu—the English translation is “a person is a person through other people.” Our core value at Munhu is caring for people in need, especially for children; and we have been doing this for over ten years.

We are touched and are very grateful to our donors, volunteers, and supporters for their support in the form of donations, items, time, skill, and energy; for in doing so, they join us in promoting the spirit of Ubuntu.

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