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The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock


A fascinating read that harmoniously intermarries science and spirituality … at least in my mind.

The Synchronicity Key is a fascinating read. As a scientist by training and profession, I started getting disillusioned by science not very long ago, and have been moving toward spirituality—until I came across this book. The Synchronicity Key showed me that science and spirituality were not necessarily in conflict, except in my head.

In the book, David Wilcock does what I think is a great job in providing scientific explanations for some of the mysterious occurrences that have been relegated to the realm of unexplainable spiritual phenomena. And he goes on to present a clear picture of the grand intelligence that guides creation and the purposeful nature of our lives here in the world.

The material presented in the book is highly informative. David Wilcock has an incredible gift for condensing vast amounts of material, making connections across multiple disciplines, and communicating complex concepts to a lay audience. Well researched facts are presented to make the link between the physical world and universal spiritual laws. More importantly, the evidence provided to support the positions given is published and can be verified. I very much appreciated the copious examples provided to support the points presented.

More importantly, for me, is the fact that the book gives us practical ways in which we can live our lives in harmony with universal laws and thereby experience more of the synchronicity that is described in the book.

I found the writing to be enjoyable, engaging, and inspiring. I thought the style of inter-spacing complex facts with a personal narrative was an effective way of giving the reader needed breathers. I highly recommend this book to other readers and give it an enthusiastic 5 stars.

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